Peels for Noticeable Improvement

Are you committed to a solid daily skincare routine, visit regularly for facials to keep you skin in tip top shape but still struggle with the battle against wrinkles, uneven skin or texture and tone? You may want to consider a peel or a series of peels for even more noticeable rejuvenation.

Today's peels are much more elegant and are not the deep chemical peels of the 90's performed by a doctor (think Sex and the City Samantha).

Instead, newer peels offer much more controlled depth and more elegant formulas to address your concerns with little to no downtime. A chemical peel involves the application of a chemical solution(s) to remove the skin’s damaged outer layers of the stratum corneum. Peels help loosen the lipid bonds between cells, remove cellular buildup, and encourage regeneration of new cells. This promotes a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, acne, sun damage and discoloration helping skin look more youthful, smooth and even-toned.

Most peels use alpha or beta hydroxy acids derived from things like sugar (glycolic acid), sour milk (lactic acid), willow bark (salicylic acid), flower (Hibiscus and lotus), grapes (tartaric), and apples (malic). Some acids are applied and then removed. Others, like our Modified Jessner's, a mix of the above acids in a mid-depth peel formula, and TCA (trichloroacetic acid), a modified synthetic chemical based on vinegar, are left on the skin and neutralize (you don't feel it) and continue to work over the course of several hours.

Peels vary depending on the type of chemical acid used, the depth and amount of layers. They can be customized ranging from medium-depth (a good amount of peeling for 5-10 days) to progressive peels (little amount of peeling for 3-5 days) to a very mild peel, with no post flaking or dryness. Mild peels are often used in "corrective facials" like our Glow & Go Facial as they offer great immediate benefits to the skin with little downtime. They are what are often considered a "lunchtime" peel or facial .

Peels are done by a licensed esthetician and skin specialist except when affecting live layers and then they are considered deep and are administered by a MD with considerable downtime.. Most peels initially can feel like a mild to moderate sunburn but without the damaging effects of UV rays. Within a few days, fibroblast cells are activated and new collagen is produced. This can result in: Improved texture, improvement in your skin’s ability to hold moisture, collagen production, reduced fine lines, more even-toned skin, clearer pores and skin, softer and smoother skin and reduced acne scarring. Depending on the depth chosen and discussed for your peel, the time line and amount of peeling will vary from no flaking, to light flaking starting 3-5 days post peel to moderate peeling staring 3-10 days post peel.

Though there are other procedures available, the right peel can provide visible results for every skin type and color. Skin recovers much more quickly from a peel than it does after a laser treatment and for certain conditions, peels are much more effective than a laser in treating and clearing, such as the case with melasma and hyper-pigmented skin.

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