Clearing Your Acne with Us

If your visiting our website in search of information on our acne clearing program, we are guessing you are currently struggling with acne and probably have struggled with it for some time. Have you tried Proactive, turnkey drugstore systems, kits your friends sell, visited a dermatologist with high hopes the end is in sight only to have it continue or get worse? We feel your pain. We have been there. That's how Skin Theory started.

So, this is hopefully some insight to aid you in your search for clear skin, fill you in.a bit on how we clear and help you in your decision.

But, before we discuss our clearing method, we need to discuss the cause of acne. Why is it happening? There are many misconceptions and to clear it requires knowing the cause and your type of acne. Acne is most often a hereditary condition (though it can also be caused and/or aggravated by certain medications and lifestyle factors). It presents during hormonal times such as puberty, during a woman's monthly cycle or when a woman's estrogen starts to reduce in later years. So, what is happening?

Simply put, the hereditary acne pore is shedding too many skin cells per day and the body just can't keep up. A normal pore should only shed one layer of cells per day but a hereditary acne pore sheds up to 5 per day. It forms a plug called a microcomedone. There is a technical name for this: "retention hyperkeratosis". Also, when testosterone is more present, like during puberty or during a woman's monthly cycle, oil production increases. The oil in a hereditary pore tends to be more sticky and then causes even more cells to accumulate and worsen the situation. Last, bacteria can proliferate with this perfect storm of extra cells and sticky oil and cause the accumulated comedones to turn angry and red - an affect but not the cause of acne.

Many treatments only address the oil production side (Accutane) or the bacteria side of acne (antibiotics) but they don't address the actual cell retention which is why the skin often doesn't stay clear. And if they do address the cell retention, it is often too harsh and leaves little room for addressing the oil and the bacteria in conjunction. A good acne clearing program requires a good synergy of correctives + lifestyle adjustments to get clear and stay clear.

Okay so, for new clients who have already visited a dermatologist the question we get most is, “What do you do differently to clear acne?” For new clients who have not seen a dermatologist they are often asking, “Why go to an acne specialist versus a dermatologist?” Good questions. We are very different.

Skin Theory is program-based. It requires lifestyle changes and a commitment to clearing and staying clear. It is not a one appointment & done clearing method but rather a 12 week program and a daily commitment to staying clear after. We are not a medical practice and do not prescribe medications. We take a healthier, multi-pronged, progressive, program-based approach to clearing acne recommending healthy clearing supplements for certain acne, lifestyle adjustments and the right actives + progressive home care protocol for your acne.

We treat and give acne the time and guidance it requires to clear. We do not treat all acne the same or by grade. Did you know there are all different types of acne? Some acne types require more chemical exfoliation, some acne requires more anti-bacterial action or anti-inflammatory action. Some acne types don’t do well on scrubs, some do. Some acne gets aggravated by retinoids, others can’t clear without it. There is a fine art to clearing as there is no acne cure: part theory, part experience, part creative. Unlike a dermatologist who grades your acne from across the room every few months, we spend a considerable amount of time evaluating each client’s skin type, baseline sensitivity, acne type, lesion type and clearing rate to determine the correct clearing course. With this approach, we have an extremely high efficacy rate at clearing acne and are proud to have helped over 500 clients get clear and confident.








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